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However, each image runs with its specific VM, since things like primitives or memory management are defined by each VM. As a matter of fact, depending on the Smalltalk flavor, images my be incompatible even between major releases. Having said that, Seaside is a particular web framework, which has been ported to different Smalltalk flavors. So you can write a Seaside-based application in one St e. Pharo and export the code en import it in another St e.

This seems all Smalltalk VMs should be fully compatible. Yes, the basic conceptual idea is the same in most Smalltalks.

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If you want to be flavor-compatible you should try to stick to the ANSI Smalltalk specs, and you will be able with some headaches : to move code across dialects. As I said before, there are many things inside an image that you should take care of in order to do that.

So, technically, yes you can, practically, its hard. Anyway, there are countless example of people that build their own Smalltalk VM in order to learn how they work. It is a hard work, but you will definitely learn a lot I know you asked to build an image, but it may be useful to know that you can also build a VM. Oh, you may also be interested in this link. Creating an image from scratch is very difficult, like building a living cell from scratch is very difficult: there are a lot of interactions to take into account creationists would say you must be a sort of god to do that.

However, cloning an image is a very easy operation, as cloning a cell you just let it clone itself. It's so easy that we usually just clone - e. Note that gnu-Smalltalk has all the tools to assemble an image from scratch, and it is in Pharo plans to re-create such tools. Last point, Squeak cares about backward compatibility and recent interpreter VM still provides necessary interface to run an image frozen a decade ago.

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Smallatalk VM's from different vendors are generally not compatible, and image saved with one VM can not be loaded into another one, at least not directly. Exception is that Squeak and Pharo images share or most of the time same VM interface. Seaside programs can and do get transported between images in differenr VM's as source packages. It is possible to construct your image from the scratch, though good understanding of the VM would be needed.

You may find Spoon system interesting. VM is a layer between Smalltalk byte code and system. So you can't run anything on anything. This is why NBCog is present.

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Native Boost needs some special primitives that are not implemented in Cog vm, so it will work only on NBCog. I don't understand your 3rd question. VM takes smalltalk byte-code and outputs machine code.

What is a bare-bone VM? Welcome to the future of Smart Web Development! Why is Smalltalk still relevant today? The Smalltalk environment is not file-based; it is a system of live objects that can be stored, system state and all, into one location. Compare this to the traditional method of organizing source code using files and folders which is positively antediluvian! How quaint. Moreover, Smalltalk adheres to modern language design principles that have become very popular. Smalltalk can stand shoulder to shoulder with the likes of Dart, Swift, F , and Scala, all recent entrants in the highly competitive field of programming languages.

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Smalltalk is available in many different flavours and unfortunately this can be confusing to newcomers. Essence is for those who want to run Smalltalk on. Dolphin Smalltalk is specifically for Windows. And there are still others. But, really, just keep it simple: stick with Pharo or Amber. What resources are available for Smalltalk newcomers? Here is an excellent Smalltalk tutorial video to get you started:. I actually went through the online interactive tutorial discussed in the video above. You get a better feel for the language by doing rather than watching.

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Team Captains must register their teams for the competition. Registration is a three-step process:. In particular, note this tip:. Two weeks prior to the official start of the competition, we will make the materials for Round 1 available to you.

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C requires 26, hours! Here is the Pharo IDE:.

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