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A dozen Spanish cheeses, most of them previously unavailable in the United States, are now being sold in several shops.

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Some of the cheeses are formed in patterned molds brushed with olive oil, giving the rinds a dark, embossed, almost varnished look. The labels are quite informative, listing type of milk, fat and moisture content, age and region.

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A guide follows. It has a pleasantly mild, buttery quality. Slightly salty, it is made from cow's milk and smoked; the smokiness is most evident at the edges. It is firm, tangy sharp and salty. The white interior has a light, yeasty pungency that is suggestive of Tuscan pecorino. It is pillow-shaped with a creamy white interior and a mild, somewhat goaty flavor. It has a rusty-looking crust and a satiny center with a delicious but not overwhelming pungency reminiscent of Stilton.

It does not go well with dry wine; Penelope Casas, author of ''The Foods and Wines of Spain,'' says that in Malaga cider is often drunk with it. Sweet sherry or Malaga are also excellent. It is pleasantly salty and is fine for grating. The interior is white and smooth, and the flavor is pleasantly rich and mellow.


The exterior is brown, with an olive oil finish. Manchego is the name for a whole category of cheeses of this type. It's great for nibbling.

One way to stretch your food dollar is to make sure your food provides as much nutrition as possible. Oranges are more nutritious in sections than as juice, it points out, and vine-ripened summer tomatoes can have twice as much vitamin C as ones grown in a greenhouse or picked green and reddened with ethylene gas. Canned foods retain their nutrients best when kept at 65 degrees; at 80 degrees they can lose 25 percent of their nutrients in a year. Beef has more B vitamins rare than well done. Notify your administrator of your interest.

Consumers want ready answers to questions about food values so they can plan nutritious diets for themselves and their families. Also, nutritionists, dietitians, and other health professionals use this type of information in their daily work. USDA nutrition researchers have revised this document many times since the first publication in , to reflect expanded knowledge, to add or subtract specific values, and to update the ever-growing list of available, commonly used foods.

In this revision, values for total dietary fiber have been added and phosphorus values have been removed. Values are reported for water; calories; protein; total fat; saturated, monounsaturated, and polyunsaturated fatty acids; cholesterol; carbohydrate; total dietary fiber; calcium; iron; potassium; sodium; vitamin A in IU and RE units; thiamin; riboflavin; niacin; and ascorbic acid vitamin C.

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Nutrient Composition of Foods

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