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Dance n' Prance Ponies. Sparkle Ponies. Sunshine Ponies. Playtime Baby Brother Ponies. Sweetheart Sister Ponies. Loving Family Ponies. Tropical Ponies.

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Drink n' Wet Baby Ponies. Baby Sparkle Ponies. Rainbow Curl Ponies. Glittery Sweetheart Sister Ponies. Sweetsteps Ballerina Ponies. Prom Queen Sweetheart Sister Ponies. Rockin' Beat Ponies. Pretty Ponies. Teeny Tiny Ponies. Glow n' Show Ponies.

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Baby Rainbow Ponies. Secret Surprise Ponies. Precious Pocket Ponies. Baby Ballerina Ponies. Sweet-Talkin' Ponies. Colorswirl Ponies. Teeny Tiny Twin Ponies. Flower Fantasy Ponies. Sundazzle Ponies.

Fancy Mermaid Ponies. Sweet Kisses Ponies.

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Though they were sold individually, each pony was part of a set of ponies who shared similar colors, features, or symbols.

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Below is a complete list of the pony sets that were available in US stores. The sets are arranged here by Hasbro Years rather than calendar years, since this was the way Hasbro developed and released new ponies.

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  • Almost every pony came with a brush, comb, or hairpick and a ribbon, and many ponies came with other accessories as well, especially during the first few years of production. Click the links for pictures, names, colors, symbols, mint-in-package photos, and information on accessories and variations.

    Note: Most of the ponies sold in US stores were also available in Europe or other countries, and a few were also sold through mail-order offers , often with different accessories. People, on both sides of the pasture fence, feel very passionately about My Little Pony. Some people argue that it is ridiculous that grown men enjoy the show as they play Mario on the SuperNintendo? We think geek culture has always broken down gender and age barriers and that My Little Pony fits into this tradition. So here are the 10 reasons we think you should be watching My Little Pony. We may not be able to convert you, but we hope you at least walk away with an appreciation for this new fandom.

    You mean My Little Pony may actually be appealing to our inner nerds? Of course it is!

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    There are multiple references within My Little Pony to some of our favorite nerd icons. In fact Hasbro has embraced this fan favorite and he can be found as a pony Timelord on merchandise. There are other references to nerd icons including The Big Lebowski cast making an appearance in a bowling alley including a pony version of Jesus in The Cutie Pox Season 2, Episode 6. Every fandom claims that theirs is the greatest. The modern version is very different with a different look, different characters and a different audience.

    However, there is still something magical about watching My Little Pony again, even the new and improved version. Rainbow Dash gets her very own spot on the list. We think she is just an awesome badass lady. She is the only pony to pull off the Sonic Rainboom and we just know she is going to get into the Wonderbolts the best flying team in all of Equestria. There is just something so…cool about her. We said it. My Little Pony is feminist.

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    In fact, it probably has some of the best representations of female characters on television. These ponies are complicated, they break stereotypes and never rely on men to come in and save the day. They do not fit into feminine stereotypes nor are they all masculine. They celebrate traditional femininity, traditional masculinity and androgyny.

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    And none of the ponies seem to have an issue with this. We might get some pushback from the Bronies for putting Pinky Pie ahead of Rainbow Dash, but this author thinks Pinky Pie is just awesome. She brings a lot of the humor of the show who just pulls out the party cannon? We wish everyone could have a friend like Pinky Pie to make them laugh.