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But the bigger reason -- indeed the greatest overriding reason -- comes as the antithesis of that "fearlessness" on which so many writers and artists of our day seem to like to pride themselves. We live with an intellectual class so used to poking at empty hornets' nests while awarding prizes for bravery to each other that they have no idea at all of what to do when an actual hornet's nest comes along. In Islam, our age finds an actual hornet's nest, filled with difficult and painful but not necessarily insoluble problems. Instead of doing their self-appointed task and prodding such a nest in as productive a manner as possible, they have, it seems, decided either to pretend the hornet's nest is not there or pretend that it is actually the most charming, lovable, sweetest curiosity in the garden of our time.

Islamophilia, not "Islamophobia" is the psychosis of our age. But the good news is that there are remedies and cures. I have tried to suggest some of them. And I hope that if Gatestone readers would like to know more, they will purchase the e-book itself. But this fact alone suggests that possibly the long-overdue fight-back against the prostration of our age might have begun. All rights reserved. The articles printed here do not necessarily reflect the views of the Editors or of Gatestone Institute.

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The comparison of Islam to hornet nests is faulty. Hornets actually perform a useful function: the pollination of plants, some of which are very useful. We can live with hornets. Aren't the real Islamophobes those who blind themselves to what the Koran really says? In other words, Douglas Murray may have the phenomenon right, but the name wrong.

It isn't so much that our intellectuals and 'leaders' poking at empty hornets' nests are Islamophiles, but that they are the genuine Islamophobes - not those who are criticizing and confronting the doctrines and behaviors done expressly in the name of Islam, but those who are terrified to recognize those ideas and behaviors for what they are. Don't their fears, not the behavior of the critics, match the definition of a phobia?

It emerged that the security hired to protect the event were actually members of Choudary's group al-Muhajiroun. In December , Murray announced that he could no longer give his readers advance notice of his speaking engagements, citing "security reasons". Murray is an atheist , having previously been an Anglican , but has described himself variously as a cultural Christian , [38] and a Christian atheist. Murray is on the international advisory board of NGO Monitor.

Douglas Murray author Douglas Murray.

The Scotsman. Retrieved 26 April Henry Jackson Society. Retrieved 29 August BBC Two.

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Retrieved 4 May New York Times. Retrieved 12 November London: The Guardian. Retrieved 5 May New York Sun. Retrieved 24 December Retrieved BBC News. Already married to Frank Randall, she falls in love with Jamie Fraser and becomes his wife in the past. She is a gifted natural physician and an amateur botanist, skills that can appear to be witchcraft in the 18th century. Outlander Season 1 "Sassenach" Caitriona Balf. Christiana Drummond Morgan born Christiana Drummond Councilman; — was an artist, writer and lay psychoanalyst at Harvard University best known for her work co-authoring the Thematic Apperception Test, one of the most widely used projective psychological tests.

She was the lover of American psychologist Henry Murray, who commissioned Gaston Lachaise to make a nude portrait statue of her. Morgan was an alcoholic and died under unclear circumstances age She attended Miss Winsor's school for girls in Boston from to and later a boarding school in Farmington, Connecticut. He enlisted to fight in World War I and went abroad. Sally-Ann Murray born is an author from South Africa. Her career included success on Broadway, as a touring opera singer, and the starring role in the movie She, in which her portrayal of the villain inspired Disney's Evil Queen in Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs She married actor Melvyn Douglas, to whom she remained married for life.

In politics, she was the third woman and first Democratic woman elected to Congress from California; her election made California one of the first two states along with Illinois to elect female members to the House from both parties. Her defeat as a candidate for the United States Senate in by Republican Richard Nixon, against whom she campaigned in his later presidential bids, became symbolic of modern political vitriol, with Nixon referring to her as "pink" down to her undergarments.

Molly Sims born May 25, [2] is an American model and actress. At Vanderbilt, she was a member of Delta Delta Delta. Sims married Scott Stuber on September 24, The Scottish version is a common variation of the word Moray, an anglicisation of the Medieval Gaelic word Muireb or Moreb ; the b here was pronounced as v, hence the Latinization to Moravia.

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These names denote the district on the south shore of the Moray Firth, in Scotland. Murray is a direct transliteration of how Scottish people pronounce the word Moray. The Murray spelling is not used for the geographical area, which is Moray, but it became the commonest form of the surname, especially among Scottish emigrants, to the extent that the surname Murray is now much more common than the original surname Moray. See also Clan Murray.

However, there were many Scottish Murray immigrants into Ireland during the Middle Ages and so a Murray of Irish heritage today could be descended from either source of the name. History A considerable number of present bearers of thi. Samuel Benjamin Harris born April 9, is an American author, blogger, and podcast host primarily known for his criticism of religion, and Islam in particular. Douglas Maxwell Stone also known as Doug Stone born 26 June is an Australian geologist, author, publisher, farmer and businessman. He is an author of numerous publications on geology, gold prospecting, and maps in particular of Victoria.

Over a number of years Stone has written many books on Australian gold prospecting, gemstones, minerals and fossils. With the introduction of metal detectors onto the Australian Goldfields in a new 'gold boom' was sparked and he has been chasing gold ever since - as a prospector, tour operator, consultant, researcher and author. She popularized the idea of machine-independent programming languages, which led to the development of COBOL, an early high-level programming language still in use today.

Prior to joining the Navy, Hopper earned a Ph.


Hopper attempted to enlist in the Navy during World War II but was rejected because she was 34 years old. She instead joined the Navy Reserves. Hopper began her computing career in when she worked on the Harvard Mark I team led by Howard H. At Eckert—Mauchly she began developing the.

Stephen F. Kroft[1] born August 22, is an American journalist and a correspondent for 60 Minutes.

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His investigative reporting has garnered him acclaim that include three Peabody Awards and nine Emmy awards, one of which was an Emmy for Lifetime Achievement. At Syracuse, he was a member of Kappa Sigma Fraternity.